I aimed to design a small private space in the public space of "Travel Library", a shop for customizing your own travel map. This chair is designed with a shelf, which is available to put in my own things and take a rest. For a simple and elegant impression, I decided the main theme of the design are faces and tines. I refer to the construction of a box but create a balance using asymmetric pieces. In order to highlight the combination of faces and lines, it is designed to be assembled without the use of nails.




This chair for young dyeing artist. When dyeing, which demands hard physical work, he can relax while sitting with his legs crossed on the chair. When you get tired, it is fine to nod off here. Think of a chair like a flying carpet. I dedicate this chair to Mr. Murakami, dyeing artist.




This chair is designed for the third project. Usually, it is a just dining chair. Sometimes, it acts like a shelter for a moment, before doing housework or going to work. It helps to support the body with a little bit high and tilted seating part, and a wide back. Don't you want to take a rest on a chair while reading the morning paper with a nice cup of tea? This is that kind of chair.

Bicycle crafted with ash wood
Picolo Vélo

 With the concept of a "Frame", I designed the chair which consists of a frame only. The layout of a dining room has a threshold, because the dining space has a tension. I adopted the concept of minimalism to utilize every piece of wood without using unnecessary pieces. Deriving from the past Japanese culture, which is eating a meal on the floor this chair tries to express something in the middle of two stages. Between sitting on a "sisal hemp" floor, the traditional Japanese floor material and sitting on the chair.




This chair is inspired by the flow of water. In order to ease the user's eyes, I designed a lower back. Also, the wide seating makes user enjoy the meal more.




The dining chair which is inspired by the shape of '口'; meaning of mouth in Chinese character. The previous project was a 'Share house for art student'. I drew up simple farm of the chair in order to make it portable and fit with the dining table.



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