The Pavilion for Peace Michal and Renata Hornstein
"The Pavilion for Peace has two objectives: collection and education. Enriched by the splendid donation from Hornsteins, it presents some 800 works: it is truly a museum within a museum. (...) Chosen through a competition, the architects created a building that breathes through the city."
Flooring: white oak: rift and quarter sawn.

Maple ... sounds good!
Maple ... finish on a high note!
The warm tones of maple! 
Hard maple

Godin guitars

This chair is a proposal for a Japanese House for a family who likes reading books. Tok, Tok, by leaning front and back the chair can change its posture, to make it comfortable enough to take time and read a book. You can also stretch while sitting on this chair. The chair is not only designed for reading but also for use in the dining room.




A chair to be placed near the bar in a theater. The signature of this chair is its large and comfortable size. The slope of the back offers a comfortable sitting position and keeps you relaxed. A broad horizontal armrest can be used for putting a glass on.



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