Kitchen cabinets made of walnut and bird's eye maple


This chair is for having a meal under a tree. I made a chair which can be used with the atmosphere of the garden in a summer night. I designed the back of the chair to have gaps for the wind to blow through. Also, you can sit happily by adjusting the three wood boards of the sitting part.




This chair is for the K House. The space was designed with a lot of punched metal to alleviate communication. It is an efficient design to close the distance between people through a wall and to be seen through the punchd and transparent reflection of light. Like punched metal, I designed the chairs seating and back with knotted stringing thread. It gives a distinct impression which offers the possibility to scarcely see through the threads. I also created a compartment for putting things below the seat.


Rocking chair made of black cherry and bird's eye maple 

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