"Ducale dining table with oak top on glass base by Nero Mobili."  www.neromobili.com

Not only for use of sitting, I also designed the chair to feel a visual flow of space.
Depending on place and angle, you can feel the vivid colors and the texture of the yellow birch. The seating part is drawn by sunlight and artificial light, as well as the soft and curved back of the chair. From these elements, light and a gradient of shadow make up the expression of the chair. And the chair, itself, makes the space gorgeous and fancy.




This dining chair is designed for a store residence "Living with a stone pot". The chair is planned from the view point of a living room. I made a floating seating part in order to make it look light. I designed this half-arm chair to look beautiful when it is placed under the table. By applying an element of the millstone, the seating part and the upper part of the back are designed to form a horizontal with the floor.




This is a small chair for both a dressing table and a working table. Like the title of this chair, the farm is round and smooth. It does not have any corners. The chair offers a 98 degree back-angle, rounded seating, ground plane and back of a chair....
But the small split faces are fitted with the waist and help to sit comfortably. This chair with it's soft and tender form captures my personality.


"Palmona upholstered bed in walnut with brass caps and canopy by Quintus."



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