Working with straight lines and slight angles, a comfortable sitting position is offered. The sturdy hut elegant construction is supporting the backrest as well as the sitting plate. These parts are made from one piece of wood, which was split in the middle, to reveal the wood-structure on both parts as if mirrored. Due to a lift they are floating on the main construction. All connections are finished as mortise and tenon joints, providing sturdiness and long durability.




Most human beings have the same shape. But, we can catch the individual difference and expressiveness by delicate observation. "Moreless" aims to have a different face from a small point of view and include a variety of detail in it, without useless lines like the body of a human being.




This chair is for a picture-book writer who runs a bookstore. The space has a lot of books, so their 'surface' is a subject for this chair to create a unity. I try to express the connection of the space and the chair based on a 'square' form which is derived from a book, a book case or a frame.


"Dialogue table and benches in maple with brass inlay by Think Fabricate."

I aimed to design a small private space in the public space of "Travel Library", a shop for customizing your own travel map. This chair is designed with a shelf, which is available to put in my own things and take a rest. For a simple and elegant impression, I decided the main theme of the design are faces and tines. I refer to the construction of a box but create a balance using asymmetric pieces. In order to highlight the combination of faces and lines, it is designed to be assembled without the use of nails.




This chair for young dyeing artist. When dyeing, which demands hard physical work, he can relax while sitting with his legs crossed on the chair. When you get tired, it is fine to nod off here. Think of a chair like a flying carpet. I dedicate this chair to Mr. Murakami, dyeing artist.




This chair is designed for the third project. Usually, it is a just dining chair. Sometimes, it acts like a shelter for a moment, before doing housework or going to work. It helps to support the body with a little bit high and tilted seating part, and a wide back. Don't you want to take a rest on a chair while reading the morning paper with a nice cup of tea? This is that kind of chair.

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