In northern Japan, in a region where people love wood and live and breathe design, I visited the Conde House showroom. Later I’ll tell you more about the wonderful furnishings designed by this company, but today, I want you to see a unique item – a wheelchair that is partially made of wood. And it works too!






Recently when I was in Japan, I had the opportunity to visit some furniture retailers. I fell in love with this wonderful table from the Crescent collection, made by Hida Sangyo. The bean shape is interesting, unconventional and ergonomic. Everybody sitting around it will be part of the group, just like with a round table, but this one will fit easier in a normal room. I can just imagine having a good meal  at this table with friends or family, where everyone is talking, laughing and having fun. Made of solid wood, this table will support strong friendships.








In the Canadian city of Montreal, there is a company that was started to help with the social rehabilitation of young men. It helps them get back on track by teaching them a trade. They restore eastern white pine furniture and then sell it to subsidize their activities.


This is not only a great idea, but also proof that solid wood can stand the test of time.

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